SSGs for Player Development and Team Offense


SSGs for Player Development and Team Offense

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Discover the Key to Efficient Practices

Maximize your team's practice sessions by integrating Small-Sided Games (SSGs) into your training routine. Crafted by Coach Tony Miller, utilizing a pace and space offense as a blueprint, this comprehensive course is designed to foster player skill development while instilling key team offensive strategies. Transform your practice approach with a proven method that promises to elevate both individual and team performance.

Why Choose SSGs for Player Development and Team Offense?

  • Comprehensive 53-Minute Presentation: Dive deep into the methodology with an extensive presentation, including a valuable Q&A session.
  • Exclusive SSG Drill Book: Access detailed diagrams and videos through our meticulously crafted PDF drill book.
  • Ready-to-Use Practice Plans: Implement three sample practice plans, designed to seamlessly integrate SSGs into your training schedule.
  • Individualized Player Workouts: Enhance your players' skills with three tailored workouts, focusing on the development of crucial basketball fundamentals.
  • Expertly Created Play Diagrams: Utilize play diagrams and playbooks created with FastDraw, the leading coaching tool by FastModel Sports.
  • Exclusive Subscriber Discounts: Benefit from a special discount on FastModel Sports products by using the code SAVE10 at checkout.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Coach Tony Miller?

Dr. Tony Miller is a revered sports coaching professor at Bob Jones University and an assistant men's basketball coach for the BJU Bruins. As a contributor to FastModel Sports, he shares expert insights on basketball tactics, strategy, and player development.

What are Small-Sided Games (SSGs)?

SSGs are a training methodology that involves dividing players into small groups to focus on specific aspects of the game within a competitive setting. This approach accelerates player development by increasing individual participation and decision-making opportunities.

How will this course benefit my team?

By integrating SSGs into your practice sessions, you'll foster an environment that prioritizes skill development, strategic thinking, and team cohesion. Expect to see significant improvements in your players' performance, both individually and as a unit.