Sprint out Passing Game from the Single Wing Offense


Sprint out Passing Game from the Single Wing Offense

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Unlock the secrets to a formidable unbalanced single wing offense with our comprehensive guide. Tailored for coaches and teams aiming to enhance their offensive strategies, this presentation by Tim Klingbeil, a seasoned head football coach with a decade of experience, showcases the dynamic sprint out passing game.

Why Choose This Presentation?

  • Expert Insights: Crafted by Tim Klingbeil, head football coach at Wabasha-Kellogg HS (MN), with over 10 years of experience running the unbalanced single wing offense.
  • Comprehensive Content: Includes formations, plays, concepts, a wrist call sheet, a 7 on 7 playbook, and a detailed breakdown of opponents' secondaries.
  • Proven Success: The Wabasha-Kellogg Falcons, under Klingbeil’s guidance, have become one of the leading rushing teams in southeast Minnesota.
  • Visual Learning: Features over 6 minutes of sprint out passing film for a detailed visual understanding of the plays.

Benefits of Implementing the Sprint Out Passing Game

  • Versatility in Offense: Introduce a dynamic element to your team's offense that can adapt to various defensive strategies.
  • Enhanced Performance: With the sprint out passing game, witness an immediate improvement in your team's offensive execution.
  • Educational Resource: Serve as an invaluable tool for coaches and players alike to deepen their understanding of the single wing offense.
  • Strategic Advantage: Gain an edge over your opponents by mastering a unique and less commonly used offensive scheme.


  • Who can benefit from this presentation?
    Football coaches and teams at any level looking to enhance their offensive strategies and gain a deeper understanding of the sprint out passing game.
  • How can this presentation be used effectively?
    Use it as a study guide during team meetings, for personal education, or as a playbook reference for planning and executing plays.
  • Is prior knowledge of the single wing offense necessary?
    While beneficial, the presentation is designed to be accessible to those new to the single wing offense as well as seasoned practitioners.