Spread Wing - Sweeps and HEAVY Set


Spread Wing - Sweeps and HEAVY Set

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Experience a comprehensive guide to mastering the Spread Single Wing offense, meticulously crafted by the seasoned Head Football Coach at Lathrop High School, Coach Holt. This video series is your ticket to elevating your team's performance, showcasing a blend of strategic insights, dynamic play diagrams, and engaging video examples.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Exclusive Insights from a Proven Winner: Leverage the strategies of Coach Holt, who has led his team to remarkable success, including a state runner-up finish and a near-perfect season record.
  • Detailed Play Diagrams: Gain access to intricate diagrams and rules for both the 30 and 40 series Sweep run game, enhancing your understanding and execution of each play.
  • Extensive Video Analysis: Overcome common execution errors with comprehensive video clips demonstrating the Spread Single Wing offense in action.
  • Heavy Set Mastery: Learn how to dominate in short-yardage situations with the Heavy Set, a crucial component for securing those tough, game-changing yards.
  • Adherence to Wing T Principles: Discover how to implement these powerful strategies while staying true to the core principles and rules of the Wing T offense.
  • Free Preview Content: Get a sneak peek into the value-packed series with free video clips and diagrams, making your decision to dive in even easier.

Why Choose This Video Series?

Whether you're looking to refine your offensive strategy, teach your team proven winning tactics, or simply gain a deeper understanding of the Spread Single Wing offense, this video series by Coach Holt offers a unique blend of professional insight, practical examples, and easy-to-understand guidance that is unmatched in the world of football coaching.


  • Who is this video series for? It's designed for football coaches at all levels who wish to enhance their offensive strategy and execution, particularly those interested in the Spread Single Wing offense.
  • What will I learn from this series? You'll learn the fundamentals and advanced strategies of the Spread Single Wing offense, including sweep run game tactics, how to effectively use the Heavy Set in crucial situations, and how to apply Wing T principles to your plays.
  • How can I access the video series? After purchasing, you'll be granted access to stream the videos at your convenience, allowing you to learn and revisit the content as needed.