Spread and Shred: Quick Game


Spread and Shred: Quick Game

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Key Features

  • High-Speed Offense: Averages over 70 snaps per game over the last 5 years, maximizing game tempo and offensive opportunities.
  • Proven Success: Led Southern California CIF Champs to 3,300 PASSING yards and 3,100 RUSHING yards.
  • Multiple Formation Strategies: Utilizes 2x2, 3x1, 3x2, and 4x1 sets to stretch the defense across the field.
  • Advanced Quick Game Concepts: Incorporates paired Run/Quick Pass Plays to consistently put the defense at a disadvantage.
  • Simple Communication System: Ensures quick and effective play calls, making it easier for players to execute under pressure.
  • Proven Results: Coach Steinberg's methods have led to 8 league titles, 3 CIF Championship appearances, and 2 titles.


  • Maximize Offensive Efficiency: Keep the defense guessing and exploit weaknesses by covering the entire width and length of the field.
  • Reduce Complexity for Players: Streamlined communication and simple reads allow players to focus on execution rather than complex schemes.
  • Adaptable Game Plan: Tailor your offense with a wide range of plays designed for any game situation.
  • Improved Quarterback Performance: Quarterbacks under Coach Steinberg's guidance have set records and advanced to all levels of NCAA and NAIA schools.
  • Winning Culture: Implement strategies that have consistently led to playoff appearances, league titles, and championship victories.

Course Content Highlights

Learn directly from Coach Steinberg as he provides in-depth instruction on:

  • Executing QUICK GAME ROUTES with precision.
  • Making effective PRE-SNAP and POST-SNAP reads.
  • Integrating Quick Game with RPOs, mid-level, and bootleg concepts.
  • Drilling the passing game to perfection.
  • Access to over 12 minutes of Game Film analysis.


Who is this course for?

Coaches and players at any level looking to improve their offense through a high-tempo, efficient, and versatile playbook.

How can I access the course materials?

Materials are available for online streaming upon purchase, including downloadable resources.

Is prior knowledge of the Spread Offense necessary?

No, the course is designed to guide learners from the basics to advanced concepts, suitable for all levels of experience.