Split Field Offense


Split Field Offense

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Discover how the revolutionary Split Field Offense can transform your football team's performance with insights from shotgun WingT experts, Kenny Simpson and Adam Mathieson. This comprehensive guide combines theory with practical game film analysis to offer a dynamic offensive strategy.

Key Features of Split Field Offense

  • Combination of Two Plays: Seamlessly merge a run play and a pass play into a single call, optimizing pre-snap decisions.
  • Expert Analysis: Gain insights from renowned coaches Kenny Simpson and Adam Mathieson, leveraging their deep understanding of the WingT offense.
  • Extensive Game Film: Access detailed game film breakdowns, including RPOs, post-snap reads, and various play executions.
  • Adaptive Strategies: Learn how to adjust your offensive approach with split field concepts, catering to different defensive setups.
  • Comprehensive Playbook: Explore an array of plays like Buck Sweep, Swing Screen, and Triple Option, each with step-by-step walkthroughs.

Benefits of Implementing Split Field Offense

  • Enhanced Decision Making: Empower your quarterback with the tools for making precise pre-snap reads, leading to more effective play execution.
  • Diverse Play Options: Diversify your offensive playbook with a mix of run and pass plays, making your team unpredictable and hard to defend against.
  • Improved Team Performance: By integrating split field concepts, witness a significant uplift in your team's overall offensive output.
  • Expert Guidance: Benefit from the wisdom and experience of top coaches, providing a solid foundation for your offense.
  • Practical Learning: Apply your knowledge immediately with game film examples, translating theory into actionable strategies on the field.


  • What is Split Field Offense?
    It's an offensive football strategy that combines two plays into one call, focusing on adapting to the defense's setup pre-snap for optimal play execution.
  • Who can benefit from this strategy?
    Football coaches and players looking to enhance their offensive game plan with dynamic and adaptable plays will find Split Field Offense particularly beneficial.
  • How does it improve quarterback decision-making?
    By providing a structured approach to pre-snap reads, quarterbacks can make more informed decisions, choosing the best play option based on the defensive alignment.
  • Are these concepts applicable at all levels of football?
    Yes, the principles of Split Field Offense can be adapted and applied across different levels of football, from high school to college and beyond.