Split 4-4 verses the Run


Split 4-4 verses the Run

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Unlock the secrets to a formidable Split 4-4 defense with Coach Paul Marsden's comprehensive clinic. With over a decade of experience in coaching youth and middle school football, Marsden offers an in-depth exploration of deploying this defensive strategy to counter the run game effectively. Whether you're coaching at the youth level or looking to deepen your understanding of defensive tactics, this clinic is your go-to resource.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Expert Instruction: Learn from Paul Marsden, a seasoned coach with 11 years of experience in north metro Atlanta, specializing in the Split 4-4 defense.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Topics include Deploying Personnel, Defensive Alignment, Assignments & Keys, Tackle and End Play, Linebacker and Secondary Play, and more.
  • Special Focus on Run Fits: Detailed analysis on defending against Trap, Power, and Counter Sweep plays, essential for shutting down the run game.
  • Offense-Specific Strategies: Gain insights into defending popular offensive schemes like Wing-T, UBSW, and Double Wing.
  • Free Preview & Materials: Access a free 6:27-minute clinic preview, comprehensive clinic notes, and an 8:29-minute clinic video to get a taste of Marsden's teaching methods.
  • Community Support: Join a community of like-minded coaches and enthusiasts in the Split 4-4 forum on Dumcoach.com, where Marsden is a regular contributor.

Why Choose the Split 4-4 vs. the Run Clinic?

Whether you're aiming to revamp your team's defense or seeking to broaden your coaching toolkit, this clinic offers the strategies and insights needed to dominate on the field. From detailed play analysis to nuanced tips on player deployment, Marsden's clinic is an indispensable resource for coaches dedicated to excellence in defense.


  • Who is this clinic for? Coaches of youth and middle school football teams, or anyone interested in learning about defensive strategies.
  • How can I access the clinic? The preview, notes, and select videos are available for free at Dumcoach.com, along with full clinic access details.
  • Is this clinic suitable for beginners? Yes, the clinic is designed to cater to both new and experienced coaches by covering basics before progressing to more complex tactics.
  • Where can I discuss the strategies covered in the clinic? Dumcoach.com hosts a Split 4-4 forum where you can engage with Coach Marsden and the community for further discussion and tips.