Speedwork training with Ryan Grubbs & Jonas Dodoo


Speedwork training with Ryan Grubbs & Jonas Dodoo

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Transform Your Performance

Join the ranks of elite athletes by harnessing the power of speedwork training. Coaches Ryan Grubbs and Jonas Dodoo unveil the secrets to explosive speed and peak athletic performance through a meticulously designed course. Whether you're aiming to shatter personal records or elevate your game to the professional level, this training is your gateway to unparalleled success.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Expert Coaching: Learn from Ryan Grubbs and Jonas Dodoo, renowned coaches with a proven track record of transforming athletes into champions.
  • Comprehensive Curriculum: Covers everything from sprint profiling and kinematics to the Force Velocity Profile (FVP), ensuring a holistic approach to speed training.
  • Personalized Training: Specialized training programs tailored to individual physical abilities, maximizing performance gains.
  • Immediate Access: Start enhancing your speed and explosive abilities right away with instant access to the course upon booking.
  • Exclusive Insights: Gain access to unique data and examples on FVP, kinematics, and technical profiling not available elsewhere.

Why Choose This Course?

Opting for this training means choosing to work with the best in the field. Ryan Grubbs and Jonas Dodoo are not just coaches; they are architects of athletic success. By applying their strategies, you will unlock a new level of speed and agility, pushing your limits further than you thought possible. Don't miss this opportunity to train with the best and transform your athletic performance.


Who is this course for?

Anyone looking to improve their speed, from amateur runners to professional athletes, will benefit from this course.

How do I access the course?

Simply click the “Book This Course” button, complete your purchase, and you will be granted immediate access to all training materials.

What makes this course different?

This course stands out due to the personalized approach to training, extensive experience of the coaches, and exclusive insights into speed training methodologies.