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Specialty Hardwood Cleaner



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Discover the ultimate solution for maintaining the timeless beauty of your hardwood floors with our Professional Strength Hardwood Floor Cleaner Concentrate! Specially formulated for all types of hardwood floors coated with a clear, unwaxed finish, this non-toxic and waterborne cleaner ensures the longevity of your floors while preserving their natural allure.

Key Features:

Professional Formula: Trust in a solution designed for the experts in hardwood floor care.

Specifically Formulated: Tailored to the unique needs of hardwood floors, ensuring optimal results.

Residue-Free: Our cleaner leaves no dulling residue, maintaining the brilliance of your floors.

pH Neutral: A balanced formula that protects your floors without causing harm.

Nonflammable: Safety is a priority; our cleaner is nonflammable for your peace of mind.

Non-Toxic: Keep your environment safe with a cleaner that is gentle and toxin-free.

GREENGUARD Certified: Our commitment to your well-being is evident through certification for the Children and Schools program.

Superior Concentration, Unmatched Value:

Unlock the power of one gallon of concentrated solution that effortlessly transforms into five gallons of ready-to-use cleaner! This incredible efficiency ensures you get the most out of every purchase.

Directions for Use:

For Regular Maintenance of Finished Floors:

  1. Prep: Begin with a thorough Dust Mopping to remove loose dirt from your floor.

  2. Mix: Combine one part hardwood floor cleaner with seven parts water. Simply pour 16 oz. of Concentrate into a clean, empty 128 oz. container, fill the rest with water, and voila! You now have 128 oz. of Ready-to-Use Cleaner.

  3. Application: Saturate your Cleaning Pad in the cleaning solution, wring it out, and lay it flat on the ground. Firmly attach the pad to the mop head, then damp mop your floor, moving with the wood grain. As the cleaning pad accumulates dirt, rinse it in the cleaning solution as needed.

  4. Auto Scrubber Compatible: For added convenience, our cleaner can be used with an auto scrubber, using white pads only.

Elevate your hardwood floor care routine with our revolutionary Professional Strength Hardwood Floor Cleaner Concentrate. Trust in a formula that's not just effective but also environmentally responsible.

Order now and experience the brilliance of pristine hardwood floors like never before!

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