Special Teams Philosophy and Concepts with Ben Miller


Special Teams Philosophy and Concepts with Ben Miller

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Revolutionize Your Special Teams

Learn from Ben Miller, the mastermind behind some of the top special teams strategies, and elevate your team's performance to unprecedented levels. With a proven track record at the University of Illinois and Air Force, Miller's course is a treasure trove of insights and practices designed to create a fast, violent, and winning special teams unit. Here are the core benefits and features of this indispensable course:

  • Exclusive Insights: Gain access to the unique philosophies and concepts that transformed the University of Illinois into the #1 ranked special teams unit nationally, according to ESPN's SP+ rating.
  • Fast and Violent Focus: Learn the importance of simplicity in strategy, emphasizing speed and aggression over complexity, ensuring your players have a clear, singular focus - secure the ball.
  • Comprehensive Game Plans: From dominating the return game by creating space to mastering the coverage game by collapsing space, every aspect is detailed to ensure a rounded, formidable unit.
  • The Ball is King: Embrace Miller's foundational principle that securing the ball is paramount. Lose the ball, lose the game; win the ball, win the game.
  • Step-by-Step Guides: With sections like "Fast and Violent Over Smart & Thinking" and detailed breakdowns of both parts of the Speed Kills and Coverage Game, you're equipped with actionable strategies.
  • Proven Track Record: Benefit from the expertise of a coach who has led teams to significant victories, including ranked wins and producing All-Big Ten performers like K James McCourt and P Blake Hayes.
  • Instant Access and Easy to Use: Click to book, and immediately log in to start transforming your special teams. The intuitive layout and direct access make it simple to start implementing Miller's strategies.

Why Choose Ben Miller's Course?

With years of experience and a resume boasting achievements at both the University of Illinois and the Air Force Academy, Ben Miller brings a wealth of knowledge and success to this course. Whether you're looking to improve your team's performance, understand the intricacies of special teams play, or simply equip yourself with the strategies of one of the best in the field, this course is your gateway to excellence.


  • Who is this course for? Coaches at all levels looking to improve their special teams' performance, from high school to professional sports.
  • How long does it take to complete the course? The course is self-paced. You can start and finish according to your schedule, giving you the flexibility to learn at your own pace.
  • Do I need any previous experience? No, the course is designed to benefit both new and experienced coaches by covering foundational concepts as well as advanced strategies.
  • How do I access the course? Simply click the "Book This Course" button, complete your purchase, and you will be given immediate access to all the content.