Special Teams A-Z - Video 3: A Foolproof Kickoff Return for any Team


Special Teams A-Z - Video 3: A Foolproof Kickoff Return for any Team

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Why Choose This Video for Your Coaching Arsenal?

  • Expert Guidance: Taught by Wes Anderson, Special Teams Coordinator of 3x State Champion New Palestine HS (IN).
  • Comprehensive Coverage: From selecting personnel to game planning and installing the scheme.
  • Easy to Implement: A simple yet versatile kickoff return system that can be adapted to any team.
  • Immediate Results: Designed to generate consistent, advantageous field position.
  • In-Depth Analysis: Includes breakdowns of film and detailed discussion on choosing goals for your KOR team.
  • Free Bonus Content: Access to introductory and select scheme videos at no additional cost.

What Will You Learn?

  • Strategic Planning: How to effectively game plan and choose the right personnel for your kickoff return team.
  • Installation: Step-by-step guide on installing the base KOR scheme.
  • Adaptability: Insight into when and how to adapt the basic scheme to different game situations, including onside options.
  • Performance Analysis: Learn from real-life film analysis to understand the practical application of strategies.
  • Goal Setting: Guidance on setting realistic and achievable goals for your kickoff return team.

Why It's a Game-Changer

This video not only provides a foolproof kickoff return scheme but also empowers coaches with the knowledge to make informed decisions, tailor strategies to their team's strengths, and achieve consistent field position advantage. Whether you're looking to revamp your special teams or refine existing strategies, this video is an invaluable addition to your coaching toolkit.


  • Is this video suitable for teams at all levels?
    Yes, the strategies discussed are adaptable and can benefit teams at any level of competition.
  • Do I need to purchase the entire series to benefit from this video?
    No, while this video is part of a series, it provides standalone value and can significantly impact your kickoff return strategy.
  • How can I access the bonus content?
    Bonus content is accessible within the video, with select segments offered for free to provide additional insights.