Special Teams A-Z - Video 2: Building an Ironclad Kickoff Team


Special Teams A-Z - Video 2: Building an Ironclad Kickoff Team

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Unlock the Secrets to a Winning Kickoff Team

  • Expertise from 3x State Champion Coach: Learn from Wes Anderson, Special Teams Coordinator at New Palestine HS (IN), renowned for leading his team to three state championships.
  • Comprehensive Kickoff Strategy: Dive deep into unique kickoff strategies that have proven successful at the state level, including the placement of key players and the role of the "Hitman" position.
  • Targeted Training for Various Returns: Gain insights on how to effectively attack different types of returns, ensuring your team is prepared for any scenario.
  • Adaptability Through In-Game Adjustments: Learn how to make crucial in-game adjustments, as demonstrated during a State Championship game, to secure your team's victory.
  • Onside Kick Options: Explore different onside kick options with detailed film analysis, giving your team an edge over the competition.

What's Inside "Building an Ironclad Kickoff Team"?

  • Kickoff Lane Assignments & Hitman Alignments: Detailed explanations and visual breakdowns of player positions and responsibilities.
  • Comprehensive Installation Guide: A step-by-step installation guide and sample scouting reports to prepare your team for any kickoff scenario.
  • Extensive Film Analysis: Over 15 specific video segments including free insightful film analysis on man returns, wedge returns, and onside kick strategies.
  • Real-Game Strategies and Adjustments: Insights into full game adjustments and strategies used in the State Championship game for a real-world application.

Benefits of "Building an Ironclad Kickoff Team"

  • Enhanced Team Performance: Equip your team with the knowledge and strategies to dominate the kickoff, setting the tone for the game.
  • Increased Adaptability: Foster a team that can quickly adapt to in-game situations and opponent strategies, making your team unpredictable and hard to beat.
  • Competitive Edge: Gain a significant advantage over your competitors with unique strategies that are difficult to counter.
  • Improved Player Understanding: Deepen your players' understanding of their roles and the dynamics of special teams, making them more effective and cohesive on the field.


  • Who is this video for? This video is designed for football coaches at all levels who are looking to improve their kickoff team's effectiveness and overall special teams performance.
  • Do I need to watch the other videos in the series? While this video can stand alone, watching the entire "Special Teams A-Z" series will provide a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of special teams.
  • How can I access the video? CLICK HERE to access "Special Teams A-Z - Video 2: Building an Ironclad Kickoff Team" and explore the entire series to transform your team's special teams performance.