Slot Counter Away from Rocket Motion


Slot Counter Away from Rocket Motion

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Discover the Winning Edge

Misdirection plays a pivotal role in the Faster than the Fly offensive system, providing your team with an unbeatable strategy that has been honed and perfected by one of the most successful coaches in Colorado. The Slot Counter is designed to give your offense a decisive advantage against defenses that overcommit, ensuring your team's victory on the field.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Expertly Crafted Playbook: Developed by Blair Hubbard, a 3x State Champion and Hall of Fame coach with over 20 years of experience.
  • Highly Effective Against Aggressive Defenses: Perfect for countering Cover-1 and Cover-0 defenses, as well as linebacker shifts and safety rotations.
  • Guard/Tackle Blocking Scheme: Utilizes a sophisticated blocking strategy to create openings and exploit defensive weaknesses.
  • Comprehensive Video Tutorials: Includes detailed breakdowns of play calls, line rules versus even and odd fronts, guard kick techniques, tackle wrap techniques, and skill assignments.
  • Proven Track Record: Blair Hubbard's offensive system has led multiple programs to the state playoffs, demonstrating its effectiveness at various levels of competition.
  • National Recognition: Hubbard has spoken at over 30 national football clinics and has been sought after for his offensive insights by high school and collegiate teams nationwide.

Why Choose Slot Counter Away from Rocket Motion?

When defenses begin to adjust to the rocket sweep, the Slot Counter play becomes your secret weapon. With Blair Hubbard's meticulously designed play, your team will be able to catch the defense off-guard, creating significant opportunities for big gains. The guard/tackle blocking scheme is engineered to open up lanes that were previously thought to be impenetrable, giving your players the clear path to score.

About Blair Hubbard

With a career spanning over two decades, Blair Hubbard has established himself as a dominant force in the football coaching realm. His remarkable career includes multiple state championships, a stellar playoff record, and numerous coaching awards. Hubbard's dedication to the sport and to developing winning strategies has made him a revered figure among football coaches and players alike.


  • Who can benefit from Slot Counter Away from Rocket Motion?
    High school and collegiate football teams looking to enhance their offensive playbook and gain an upper hand against defensive adjustments.
  • How does the Slot Counter play help against aggressive defenses?
    It leverages misdirection and a specialized blocking scheme to exploit the overcommitment of defenses, opening up the field for significant gains.
  • Can this system be implemented in any football team?
    Yes, Blair Hubbard's system is adaptable and has been successfully implemented in various teams with different sizes and skill levels across the country.