Single Wing Nuts and Bolts


Single Wing Nuts and Bolts

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Master the Half Spin with Comprehensive Guidance

  • Exclusive Content: Dive deep into the nuances of the Single Wing Offense, especially the Half Spin Series, through detailed discussions and video cutups.
  • Extensive Coverage: Gain access to 1 hour, 40 minutes of specialized clinic footage, supplemented by 15 minutes of video cutups showcasing the tactics in action.
  • Expert Insight: Benefit from Coach Keen’s 16 seasons of football coaching experience, including 11 years perfecting the Single Wing Offense.
  • Multiple Formations: Learn to execute the Half Spin Series from various formations, enhancing your team's flexibility and unpredictability on the field.
  • Free Preview: Start your journey with a free 5:32 clinic preview to get a taste of the invaluable insights waiting for you.

Why Choose Coach Nathan Keen’s Single Wing Nuts and Bolts?

  • In-depth Analysis: Embark on an educational journey with almost 2 hours of dedicated clinic content, breaking down the complexities of the Single Wing Offense.
  • Practical Demonstrations: Visual learners rejoice with 15 minutes of video cutups, showing real-life applications of the strategies discussed.
  • Rich Experience: Leverage Coach Keen’s extensive background in coaching youth and middle school football to your advantage.
  • Adaptable Strategies: The detailed outline of 4 different Half Spin Series from Multiple Formations ensures your offense can adapt to any defense.
  • Accessible Learning: The inclusion of a free clinic preview makes it easy for you to decide if this comprehensive guide is right for your coaching needs.


  • Who can benefit from this clinic? Youth and middle school football coaches looking to enhance their offense strategy with the Single Wing Offense will find this clinic especially beneficial.
  • Do I need prior knowledge of the Single Wing Offense? While prior knowledge is helpful, Coach Keen’s detailed explanations make the clinic accessible to both beginners and seasoned coaches.
  • How can I access the clinic? The clinic is available for online viewing, with a free preview accessible to all interested coaches.