Shovel Counter Away from Rocket Motion


Shovel Counter Away from Rocket Motion

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Unlock the Power of Misdirection

  • Safe Play Option: Treated as a forward pass, reducing turnover risks with incomplete passes instead of fumbles.
  • Misdirection Mastery: Perfect for outsmarting defenses through strategic misdirection, making your team unpredictable and hard to counter.
  • Effective Against Vigilant Defenses: Especially potent when the opponent employs Cover-1 and Cover-0 or adjusts their strategy to counter rocket sweep motions.

Designed by a Champion Coach

  • Proven Success: Created by Blair Hubbard, a 3x State Champion and Hall of Fame coach with a record of transforming teams into championship contenders.
  • Widely Recognized and Respected: A coaching methodology that has been featured in over 30 national football clinics and sought after by high school and collegiate teams nationwide.
  • Expertise in Installation: Hubbard offers personalized assistance for teams looking to adopt his innovative offensive system, ensuring a smooth and successful integration.

Strategic Advantages

  • Counters Defensive Adjustments: Ideal for moments when the defense overpursues the Rocket Sweep, allowing for effective counter-attacks.
  • Adaptable Blocking Schemes: Utilizes guard/tackle blocking schemes to reinforce the effectiveness of the play, providing clear paths for the shovel counter.
  • Highly Accessible Learning Materials: Comprehensive instructional content, including videos and play explanations, designed to ensure mastery of the play call and execution.

Why Choose Shovel Counter Away from Rocket Motion?

This innovative play is not just a tactic; it's a game-changer designed by one of the most successful coaches in football history. It's a testament to strategic planning, execution, and the art of misdirection. Adopting the Shovel Counter into your offensive playbook means enhancing your team's ability to adapt, surprise, and overcome defensive strategies aimed at neutralizing your strengths. It's more than a play; it's your next step towards championship glory.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • How can I integrate the Shovel Counter into my existing playbook?
    Integrating the Shovel Counter requires understanding your team’s current dynamics and the play’s fundamentals, with Hubbard's resources providing a step-by-step guide for seamless adoption.
  • Is this play suitable for all levels of football?
    Yes, the Shovel Counter is designed for versatility, making it suitable for high school and collegiate teams looking to enhance their offensive strategies.
  • Can I get direct coaching or consultation from Blair Hubbard?
    Yes, Blair Hubbard offers personalized coaching and consultation services to assist teams in installing and optimizing his offensive system for their specific needs.