SHOTGUN WING-T - Lawson HS Missouri


SHOTGUN WING-T - Lawson HS Missouri

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Unlock the Potential of Your QB Run Game

Developed by the celebrated Lawson High School's Head Coach, Todd Dunn, a proven leader with an impressive track record including a State Championship in 2007, State Runner-Ups in 2003 and 2013, and a State Semi-finalist position in 2016, the SHOTGUN WING-T is designed to enhance your quarterback's run game, offering a comprehensive breakdown of tactics and strategies that have led teams to significant victories.

  • Expert Insight: Gain access to 1:50 hours of introduction and analysis on the positives and negatives of SHOTGUN WING-T, completely free.
  • Comprehensive QB Run Game Strategies: Detailed modules on QB Run Game (4:34), Jet Left (5:26), QB Belly (3:12), Belly Keep (7:22), and more.
  • Innovative Tactics: Learn about the false pulling of linemen and running backs to confuse the defense, including a 4:18-minute detailed walkthrough.
  • Adaptable to Player's Strengths: Guidance on how to leverage both running and passing quarterbacks for optimal offensive performance.
  • Advanced Formations: Explore the benefits of running unbalanced sets and the optimal run vs pass ratio to confuse and outmaneuver defenses.
  • FREE Access to Powered Up Clinics: Enhance your coaching skills with free access to Powered Up Clinics, including the LEFT COAST SPREAD WING-T System and Roger Holmes Wing T System.

Why Choose SHOTGUN WING-T - Lawson HS Missouri?

With a proven track record of success, the SHOTGUN WING-T system is not just about plays; it's about building a winning culture. Coach Todd Dunn's experience and strategies compiled in this comprehensive coaching system are designed to elevate your team's performance to championship levels.


Is this system suitable for teams with a strong QB pass game?
Absolutely. While focusing on the QB run game, the SHOTGUN WING-T offers strategies on how to effectively use quarterbacks who can run and pass, ensuring a dynamic and unpredictable offense.

Can beginner coaches implement these strategies?
Yes, the system is designed for coaches at all levels. With detailed walkthroughs and free access to clinics, even beginner coaches can effectively implement these winning strategies.

Are there any additional resources available?
Yes, the package includes free access to Powered Up Clinics and specific systems like the LEFT COAST SPREAD WING-T system to further enhance your coaching skills.