Shotgun Wing: Old School Plays in New School Ways


Shotgun Wing: Old School Plays in New School Ways

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Unlock the Power of Timeless Strategies

Discover the secret to revitalizing your team's offensive game with "Shotgun Wing: Old School Plays in New School Ways." Spearheaded by the renowned Head Coach Michael Fields, this comprehensive guide offers a unique blend of classic football tactics reimagined for the modern era. Elevate your team's performance with plays that have proven their worth on the field, securing the 2019 State Championship for LaGrande Oregon under Coach Fields' leadership.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Expert Guidance: Learn directly from Michael Fields, a respected figure in football coaching with a track record of success.
  • Comprehensive Playbook: Access a wide variety of plays, including Blue Pro & Pro, Blue Con, Guard G vs. 4 3 Stack, and many more, each designed to enhance your team's offensive capabilities.
  • Game Film Analysis: Benefit from detailed game film analysis, offering insight into practical application and execution of strategies on the field.
  • Interactive Learning: Engage with content tailored for coaches at all levels, featuring video durations from concise clips to in-depth breakdowns, ensuring a thorough understanding of each play.
  • Specific Scenario Solutions: Address common challenges faced by teams with plays and adjustments specifically designed to overcome them, such as handling a powerful defensive end or optimizing running back footwork.
  • Adaptability: Learn how to adjust these timeless strategies to fit your team's unique strengths and weaknesses, making your offense unpredictable and dynamic.

Why Choose "Shotgun Wing"?

With "Shotgun Wing: Old School Plays in New School Ways," you're not just learning the plays; you're adopting a philosophy of adaptability and innovation that has been proven on the state championship level. Whether you're coaching at the youth or varsity level, the insight and strategies provided by Coach Fields will empower you and your team to achieve new heights of success.


Is this guide suitable for coaches at all levels?

Yes, whether you're a novice or an experienced coach, this guide offers valuable insights and strategies that can be adapted to any team's needs.

How can I apply these plays to a modern offensive scheme?

The playbook is designed with versatility in mind, allowing you to seamlessly integrate these old school plays into your current offensive scheme, ensuring a dynamic and unpredictable offense.

Can these strategies make a difference at the varsity level?

Absolutely. The strategies and plays outlined in "Shotgun Wing" have been tested at the highest levels of high school football, including leading a team to a state championship.