Shield Punt


Shield Punt

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Key Features of the Shield Punt Training Program

  • Exclusive College Football Tactics: Learn the distinct advantages of the shield punt formation, only permitted in college football, offering a strategic edge over traditional punt formations.
  • Comprehensive Training Modules: From fundamentals to advanced strategies, including alignments, stances, gap protection, and shield techniques.
  • Expert Instruction: Led by Neal Renna, Special Teams Coordinator at Eastern Illinois University, with a proven track record in defensive and special teams success.
  • Enhanced On-Field Performance: Implement strategies that make your punt nearly impossible to block, improve field coverage, and secure optimal offensive starting positions.
  • Immediate Access: Start improving your team's defense today with full access to the program upon booking.

Benefits of Shield Punt Training

  • Improved Defensive Starting Points: Master techniques to pin the opposition within their ten-yard line, drastically impacting the game's outcome.
  • Simplified Player Assignments: Enhance the effectiveness of your team with easier blocking assignments, allowing for quicker downfield progress.
  • Versatility in Gameplay: Incorporate rugby and conventional kicking styles, increasing the potential for successful fake punts.
  • Special Teams Excellence: Under Neal Renna’s guidance, transform your punt team into one of the most formidable units on the field.

Why Choose Shield Punt Training?

A great punt team doesn’t just happen; it’s built through meticulous preparation, understanding, and practice. With Shield Punt Training, you gain insights and techniques honed on the fields of college football, directly from a coach who has led his teams to remarkable defensive standings. Whether you’re looking to bolster your team’s defensive strategy or refine your special teams’ performance, this program offers the tools, knowledge, and practical applications to elevate your game and turn punting into a strategic advantage.


  • Who can benefit from Shield Punt Training? Football coaches at all levels who are looking to improve their team’s punting and special teams strategies, especially those in college football.
  • How quickly can I see improvements in my team? While immediate application of techniques can lead to noticeable changes, consistent practice and adherence to the program’s principles will yield the best results over time.
  • Is this program suitable for teams outside of college football? Yes, while the shield punt is specific to college football, the fundamentals and strategies taught can benefit high school and semi-professional teams looking to innovate their special teams plays.