Sequencing Offense for For Success


Sequencing Offense for For Success

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Discover the game-changing approach to football offense that has propelled Lathrop High School to impressive victories under the guidance of Coach Holt. "Sequencing Offense for Success" is more than just a coaching video; it's a comprehensive playbook for revolutionizing your team's offensive game.

Why Choose "Sequencing Offense for Success"?

  • Expert Insight: Gain from Coach Holt's extensive experience and successful track record, including leading Lathrop to a near-perfect season and an astounding average of nearly 50 points per game over two seasons.
  • Proven Techniques: Learn the secrets behind the potent Wing-T and Single Wing Offense that can be adapted to any offensive strategy to ensure your team's success on the field.
  • Comprehensive Breakdown: From packaging your offense to executing plays that leave the defense guessing, every aspect is covered in detail to provide you with a clear path to implementing these strategies.
  • Accessible Format: With free introductory videos and a straightforward presentation, Coach Holt's invaluable advice is made readily available to coaches at all levels seeking to enhance their offensive playbook.

What Will You Learn?

Coach Holt not only shares his philosophy on sequencing and packaging an offense for success but also delves into practical, actionable strategies that you can immediately apply to your coaching. This video series is a blueprint for those who aspire to achieve high-scoring games and lead their teams to state championships.

Benefits of Applying Coach Holt's Strategies

  • Increased Scoring: Elevate your team's average points per game by implementing the dynamic offensive strategies Coach Holt has perfected.
  • Strategic Advantage: Master the art of sequencing and packaging your offense to outsmart and outplay your competition on any given day.
  • Adaptability: Learn a flexible approach to offense that can be tailored to your team's unique strengths and the challenges posed by different defenses.
  • Winning Record: Follow in the footsteps of Lathrop High School's football team by utilizing a proven system that leads to victories and championship appearances.


  • Who is Coach Holt? Coach Holt is the Head Football Coach at Lathrop High School in Missouri, with a remarkable track record of leading his team to numerous victories and championship games.
  • Is this video suitable for all coaching levels? Yes, Coach Holt's strategies are designed to be adaptable and can benefit coaches at any level looking to enhance their offensive game.
  • How can I access the video series? The video series "Sequencing Offense for Success" is available on Coach Tube, including free introductory videos to get you started.