SEMI-PRO-AM: The True Story Of A Basketball Season Unlike Any Other


SEMI-PRO-AM: The True Story Of A Basketball Season Unlike Any Other

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Experience the Unseen World of Professional Basketball

Immerse yourself in SEMI-PRO-AM: The True Story Of A Basketball Season Unlike Any Other, a riveting narrative that unveils the raw and real essence of professional basketball. This isn't just the story of the elite; it's the extraordinary journey of those who live in the shadows of giants, fighting for their moment in the spotlight. Written by GR Wilson, a seasoned coach with a front-row seat to the highs and lows of the game, this tale transcends the boundaries of sport.

Why SEMI-PRO-AM is a Must-Read

  • Unprecedented Access: Dive into the untold stories of basketball, where NBA stars and Footlocker employees share the same court.
  • Real-Life Underdogs: Follow the journey of 15 men from diverse backgrounds, united by their passion for the game and determination to defy the odds.
  • Global Adventure: Travel through 14 countries over eight months, experiencing the grit and glamour of international basketball.
  • Emotional Rollercoaster: Feel every triumph and setback as if you were part of the team, thanks to firsthand insights and heartfelt storytelling.
  • Inspiration for All: Whether you're a basketball fan, an aspiring athlete, or simply love a good underdog story, SEMI-PRO-AM will ignite your spirit.

What Makes SEMI-PRO-AM Unique?

Unlike any other basketball book, SEMI-PRO-AM doesn't just focus on the glitz and glam of the sport. It delves deep into the heartache, humor, and humanity found in the game's lesser-known realms. From locker rooms to night clubs, and Barcelona to Brighton, get ready to embark on a journey that showcases the true essence of basketball passion and perseverance.


Who should read SEMI-PRO-AM?
Basketball enthusiasts, aspiring athletes, coaches, and anyone who loves a compelling story of determination and dreams.

Is SEMI-PRO-AM based on a true story?
Yes, it is a firsthand account of a unique basketball season, filled with real-life characters, challenges, and triumphs.

How can I purchase SEMI-PRO-AM?
SEMI-PRO-AM is available for purchase as an e-book. Immerse yourself in this unparalleled journey through the heart of basketball.

Embrace the journey of SEMI-PRO-AM and let it inspire you to find the courage to chase your own dreams, regardless of the odds. Get your copy today and be part of a story that proves when it comes to dreams, the only limit is how far you're willing to go.