Scott Meadows - Kansas City High School Coaches Clinic 2020 Video Presentation


Scott Meadows - Kansas City High School Coaches Clinic 2020 Video Presentation

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Why Scott Meadows' Coaching Insights Are Invaluable

  • Expertise: With 19 years of head coaching experience across 7 different programs, Scott Meadows brings a wealth of knowledge to the table.
  • Proven Success: Meadows has turned around 6 programs with losing records, achieving a career record of 137-77, including a state championship.
  • Innovative Strategies: Learn about the "Smoke and Mirrors Wing-T" and how to utilize multiple formations, the buck sweep, variations, and RPO's to outmaneuver defenses.
  • Comprehensive Learning: The presentation covers not only program building and college recruiting but also dives deep into offensive strategies like the Single Wing, Power T, and Wing-T.
  • Exclusive Content: This video presentation from the 2020 Kansas City High School Coaches Clinic is packed with insights from speakers across Missouri, Tennessee, Virginia, and Wisconsin.

Benefits of Scott Meadows' Coaching Techniques

  • Enhanced Offensive Play: Implementing Meadows' strategies can lead to a more dynamic and unpredictable offense, keeping defenses guessing.
  • Program Transformation: Meadows' track record shows his methods can turn struggling programs into winning teams, offering hope and a roadmap for coaches facing similar challenges.
  • Professional Development: Coaches at all levels can gain from Meadows’ experiences, enhancing their coaching skills and expanding their playbook with innovative strategies.
  • Exclusive Insight: Access to the tactics that have contributed to Meadows' successful career, providing a unique perspective not easily found elsewhere.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Beyond tactics, the presentation offers insights into program building and the recruitment process, valuable for coaches looking to develop their programs holistically.


What will I learn from Scott Meadows' presentation?

You will learn about effective offensive strategies, including the use of multiple formations and RPOs, program building, recruiting, and more, all aimed at creating a winning team culture.

Is this presentation suitable for coaches at all levels?

Yes, coaches from high school to college can benefit from the strategies and insights Meadows shares, especially those looking to revitalize their teams or enhance their offensive playbook.

How can I implement these strategies in my program?

Start by understanding the principles behind the "Smoke and Mirrors Wing-T" and consider how these can be adapted to your team's existing strengths and weaknesses. Continuous learning and adaptation are key.