Scott Fountain - 4 Phases of Punt Return


Scott Fountain - 4 Phases of Punt Return

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Transform Your Special Teams Performance

  • Comprehensive Breakdown: Dive deep into the four crucial phases of a punt return, meticulously detailed by Scott Fountain, to elevate your team's return game.
  • Expert Techniques: Learn from the Arkansas Special Teams Coordinator himself, as he shares the techniques that have made the Razorbacks' return units among the best.
  • Winning Strategies: Gain insights into the strategic elements that can give your offense advantageous field positions, setting up your team for success.
  • High-Quality Coaching: Benefit from the experience of a coach who has been part of three SEC championship teams and has coached in four national championship games.
  • Drill Enhancements: Implement competitive drill work and other practice enhancements designed to improve performance during actual game situations.

Why Scott Fountain's Expertise Matters

  • Proven Success: Scott Fountain's strategies have been instrumental in the immediate success of teams like Georgia and Auburn, significantly enhancing their return games.
  • Vast Experience: With decades of coaching experience across high school and college levels, Fountain brings a wealth of knowledge and a track record of developing top special teams units.
  • Industry Recognition: His coaching career, highlighted by successful stints at major programs and participation in national championship games, underscores his expertise in special teams coaching.

Who Can Benefit?

  • Special Teams Coaches: Who are looking to develop or enhance a dynamic punt return game.
  • Football Coaches: At all levels who wish to deepen their understanding of special teams and gain a competitive edge.
  • Players: Special teams players aiming to refine their skills and make significant contributions during punt returns.
  • Football Enthusiasts: Who appreciate the intricacies of the game and seek to understand the strategies behind successful special teams.


  • Is this presentation suitable for coaches at all levels?
    Yes, Scott Fountain's insights are invaluable for coaches at any level, from high school to professional football.
  • How can I apply these techniques to my team?
    The presentation not only outlines strategies but also includes practical drills and exercises that can be implemented in your training sessions.
  • Will this help improve my team's overall performance?
    Yes, mastering the punt return game can significantly contribute to your team's field position and overall performance.