Scooter Stacker


Scooter Stacker

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Stop the Scooter Scatter! Get Organized with the Scooter Stacker

Is your playroom or classroom overrun with scooters? Do you spend more time tripping over them than using them? The Scooter Stacker is the simple solution to your scooter storage woes! This handy storage unit keeps your scooters organized, clean, and readily available for playtime fun.

The Perfect Playtime Partner

The Scooter Stacker is more than just storage. It's a playtime partner! Here's why:

  • Holds Up to 16 Scooters: Clear the floor and organize up to sixteen 12" and 16" scooters with ease.
  • Effortless Transport: The built-in web handle allows for easy towing, making it a breeze to move scooters from room to room.
  • Keeps Scooters Clean: Stacked scooters are off the floor and away from dirt and debris.
  • Durable Construction: Built to last, the sturdy steel pole and wide base ensure safe and secure storage.
  • Easy Assembly: The Scooter Stacker assembles in minutes, so you can get organized fast!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What size scooters does the Scooter Stacker hold? The Scooter Stacker can accommodate most standard 12" and 16" scooters.
  • How many scooters can it hold? The Scooter Stacker has space for up to sixteen scooters.
  • Is it easy to assemble? Absolutely! The Scooter Stacker assembles with just a few simple steps.
  • Is it easy to move? The built-in web handle allows for effortless towing.

Don't let scooter clutter slow down the fun! The Scooter Stacker is the perfect way to keep your space organized and playtime rolling!