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Why Rocket Toss is a Game Changer

  • Proven Success: Crafted by 3-Time State Champion Matt McFadden, drawing from firsthand experience and success.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: From Buck Sweep to Jet Sweep to Rocket Toss, McFadden unveils the evolution of his strategy with 129 executions in his 2020 championship season.
  • Exclusive Game Film Access: Insightful breakdowns of game film illustrating the effectiveness of Rocket Toss from the Gun.
  • Expertise and Innovation: Matt McFadden's transition from traditional plays to innovative strategies designed to slow down defensive pursuit.
  • Free Segments: Key sections including "Who Is Matt McFadden", "Sweep Progression", and "Why Run Rocket Toss" available at no cost.

Benefits of Learning from a Champion

  • Direct Insight: Learn directly from a coach who has not only theorized but successfully implemented these strategies at the state championship level.
  • Adaptability: Understand how to adapt your offensive strategies to counter defensive setups effectively.
  • Enhanced Offensive Play: Integrate lateral action and false pulls to open up other plays, making your offense unpredictable and dynamic.
  • Deep Dive into Tactical Execution: Detailed explanations on blocking rules, timing for snaps, and count system for blocking provide a tactical edge.
  • Game Film Analysis: Learn to read the defense and adjust in real-time with comprehensive game film analysis, including how to exploit when the defense cheats on Rocket.


Who should purchase Rocket Toss?

Football coaches at any level looking to enhance their offensive playbook with proven, innovative strategies will benefit greatly from Rocket Toss.

What makes Rocket Toss unique?

Rocket Toss offers insights from a state championship-winning playbook, focusing on the evolution of offensive strategies from traditional to groundbreaking, supported by extensive game film analysis.

How can Rocket Toss improve my team’s performance?

By implementing the strategies and learning from the adjustments shown in Rocket Toss, your team can improve its offensive dynamics, making it harder for defenses to predict and counter your plays.

Is previous knowledge of the Jet Sweep necessary?

While prior knowledge of the Jet Sweep can be beneficial, Rocket Toss is designed to be accessible to coaches with various levels of familiarity with football offensive strategies.