Rhino Skin Luminous Set


Rhino Skin Luminous Set

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Light Up Your Game with Rhino Skin® Luminous Dodgeballs!

Looking to take dodgeball to the next level? Then check out the Rhino Skin® Luminous Set! These innovative dodgeballs light up with a fun, bright glow for 30 seconds after being exposed to any kind of light.

The Perfect Dodgeball for Any Playground

Make playtime even more exciting with dodgeballs that practically beg to be thrown! Here's why Rhino Skin® Luminous Dodgeballs are the perfect choice for fun and active play:

  • Light Up the Fun: Who doesn't love glow-in-the-dark games? These dodgeballs create an extra element of excitement, perfect for nighttime dodgeball tournaments or adding a little extra fun to any game.
  • Safe for Play: Made with a low-density foam core and a soft exterior, these dodgeballs are gentle on little hands while still offering a satisfying bounce. Plus, the sting-resistant Rhino Skin® coating means fewer ouch moments during playtime.
  • Built to Last: Don't worry about your dodgeballs falling apart after a few throws. The Rhino Skin® coating is extra tear-resistant, so you can enjoy countless games with these durable dodgeballs.
  • Ready to Play: Each set comes with six luminous dodgeballs and a handy mesh carrying bag for easy storage and transport.

Key Features:

    • Light up for 30 seconds after exposure to light
    • Indoor and outdoor use
    • Sting-resistant
    • Rhino Skin® coating for exceptional tear-resistance
  • Low-density, low-bounce foam core and soft exterior
  • Set of 6 luminous dodgeballs
  • Mesh bag included

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do the dodgeballs glow?

The dodgeballs will glow brightly for 30 seconds after being exposed to any kind of light.

Are these dodgeballs safe for outdoor use?

Absolutely! Rhino Skin® Luminous Dodgeballs are designed for both indoor and outdoor play.

How many dodgeballs come in a set?

Each set includes six luminous dodgeballs.

Is a carrying bag included?

Yes! The Rhino Skin® Luminous Dodgeball Set comes with a convenient mesh bag for easy storage and transport.

Get ready for epic dodgeball battles that light up the night! Order your set of Rhino Skin® Luminous Dodgeballs today!