Rhino Pickleball Tournament Net


Rhino Pickleball Tournament Net

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Elevate Your Pickleball Court with the Rhino Tournament Net

Looking for a competition-ready net that can withstand the intensity of serious play? Look no further than the Rhino Tournament Pickleball Net.

This net is built to meet official pickleball tournament size regulations, ensuring a fair and consistent playing experience for all.

Built to Last, Engineered to Win

The Rhino Tournament Net isn't just about regulation size; it's about superior construction. Here's why serious players choose Rhino:

  • Durable Netting: Made from a heavy-duty 3mm braided polyethylene, this net can handle powerful volleys and aggressive play.
  • Reinforced Stability: The 23 oz vinyl headband with steel cable provides exceptional stability and prevents sagging, even under heavy hits.
  • Secure Attachment: With approximately 30 inches of cable on either side, attaching the net to your poles is quick, easy, and secure.
  • All-Weather Performance: Built to resist the elements, this net is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

In addition to these key features, the Rhino Tournament Net boasts:

  • Fiberglass dowels for added support and a clean look.
  • Total net dimensions of 21’ 9” wide by 3’ high at the center.
  • A 27-foot steel cable for secure attachment across the court.

With the Rhino Tournament Net, you're getting a competition-grade net that will deliver exceptional performance, game after game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this net portable?

A: The Rhino Tournament Net itself is not designed to be portable. It is intended for permanent installation on pickleball courts with fixed posts.

Q: What size posts do I need for this net?

A: The Rhino Tournament Net is designed to work with standard pickleball net posts. It’s recommended to consult the specifications of your existing posts to ensure compatibility.

Q: Can this net be used outdoors?

A: Absolutely! The Rhino Tournament Net is built with weather-resistant materials, making it perfect for outdoor courts.

Upgrade your pickleball court to a professional standard. Order your Rhino Tournament Net today!