Rhino Max 4-Square Playground Ball Set


Rhino Max 4-Square Playground Ball Set

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Liven Up Four Square with the Champion Rhino Max Ball Set!

Is your four-square court lacking a little bounce? Tired of replacing balls that can't handle enthusiastic play? Look no further than the Champion Rhino Max 4-Square Playground Ball Set! This set of four, brightly colored balls is specifically designed to withstand the rigors of four-square, keeping the game going all year long.

<h3>Built to Last - Game After Game</h3>

  • Rhino Skin® Tough: Say goodbye to shredded balls! The Rhino Skin® coated cover is ultra-durable, making it virtually tear-proof against even the most aggressive serves.
  • Double the Bounce: The 2-ply rubber construction provides superior bounce and responsiveness, keeping the game fast-paced and exciting.
  • Stays inflated: The inner bladder construction ensures the balls retain their shape and air pressure longer, reducing the need for constant pumping.

<h3>Designed for Peak Performance</h3>

  • Grip it and Rip it: The textured cover provides excellent grip for players of all ages, allowing for more controlled and accurate shots.
  • The Perfect Size: At 8.5 inches in diameter, these balls are ideally sized for four-square, offering a great balance between control and power.
  • See It All: The vibrant color combinations (yellow/purple, red/green, blue/orange, multicolor) make the ball easy to track against any background.

With the Rhino Max 4-Square Playground Ball Set, you can spend less time replacing equipment and more time enjoying the game!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do the balls come inflated?

A: No, the balls ship deflated. A pump is not included in the set.

Q: What size are the balls?

A: The balls are 8.5 inches in diameter.

Q: Are these balls good for other playground games?

A: Yes! The Rhino Max balls are durable and bouncy, making them perfect for a variety of playground games, including kickball, dodgeball, and handball.

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