Reversal Options - Euro PnR


Reversal Options - Euro PnR

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Transform Your Coaching Strategy

Immerse yourself in the innovative world of European Ball Screen Offense with Coach Brendan Ware's expert guidance. "Reversal Options - Euro PnR" is not just a coaching tutorial; it's a comprehensive playbook designed to elevate your team's performance. Whether you're struggling with basic continuity or seeking advanced strategies against complex defenses, this resource is your key to unlocking a dynamic and unpredictable offense.

Why Choose "Reversal Options - Euro PnR"?

  • Comprehensive Coverage: From the basics of reversal options to advanced maneuvers against switches and hedges, every aspect of the European Ball Screen Offense is covered.
  • Expert Instruction: Coach Brendan Ware brings his extensive experience and innovative tactics directly to you, offering insights you won't find anywhere else.
  • Easy to Implement: Each concept is broken down with clear examples and actionable strategies, making it easy to integrate into your coaching regimen.
  • Versatile Tactics: Learn how to adapt your offense on-the-fly to counteract any defense, keeping your opponents guessing and your players one step ahead.
  • Exclusive Content: Gain access to unique plays like the Flare/Slip to Rip Option and the Slot Cut to STS, giving your team a competitive edge.

What's Included?

"Reversal Options - Euro PnR" is packed with value, offering more than just theories. You'll get detailed video segments on:

  • The foundational Middle/Shake Pick and Roll and Wide Pin Down strategies.
  • Adjustments for dealing with defensive switches, including Back Screen to DHO and Flat to Pop and Chase.
  • Advanced options such as Running Slip Free and Slot Cut to Veer Double High Cross Free.
  • Practical exercises, including Penetration Passing Drills, to cement your understanding and application of these concepts.


  • Is this suitable for all coaching levels? Absolutely! Whether you're a seasoned coach or just starting, "Reversal Options - Euro PnR" is designed to offer value at all levels of coaching.
  • How can I integrate these plays into my existing offense? Coach Ware provides insights on seamlessly integrating these strategies into your offense, ensuring you can adapt without overhauling your current playbook.
  • Will this help against teams with strong defensive tactics? Yes, the tactics and adjustments covered are specifically designed to counteract sophisticated defenses, making your team unpredictable and difficult to defend against.

Don't let a static offense hold your team back. Equip yourself with the strategies, adjustments, and insights offered in "Reversal Options - Euro PnR" to unlock your team's full potential. Embrace the European Ball Screen Offense and watch your team's performance transform. Order your copy today!