(Rental)-Special Teams Play For Basketball


(Rental)-Special Teams Play For Basketball

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Winning the Game within the Game: Special Teams Play for Basketball

Possessions count in basketball and scoring in every single situation is crucial for teams to be successful. Roy Rana, former Sacramento Kings assistant and Canadian Junior National team head coach, shares with you a number of set plays designed for all of those special situations coaches encounter during the course of a game. From plays after a timeout to scoring off an inbound play, Coach Rana has a package of plays that will put you in position to score in special situations.

Zipper Series

In the Zipper Series, Coach Rana shows you three options that use the exact same setup. Each set has several counters in case the defense takes away a certain option. You’ll see how you can get a 3-point shot, post feed, or a dribble handoff in each set. Coach Rana also shows you how to create a 3-on-3 in the half-court opening up the floor for players to create a quick shot.

Time Out Series

Coach Rana shares a number of plays that can be run in full- or half-court situations. Baseline and sideline out of bounds plays can be used to turn a late-game shot into your half-court offense keeping players comfortable. You will see several NBA-type plays in the Pistol action which has multiple actions including opening up one side of the floor for your point guard.

Late Game Shots

During the course of a season, a late-game shot can mean the difference between the end of a season and continuing in the postseason. Coach Rana shares five late-game plays that create misdirection and confusion for a defense. You will find a play that fits your style of play as Rana includes Horns action plays and more.

Coaches at any level will find something in this video they can add to their offensive playbook. Coach Rana provides a number of ways for you to get a late-game 3-pointer or points off of an inbound play. Own his video today to give your team an offensive advantage!

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