Reading Unblocked Defenders in Pistol Wing T


Reading Unblocked Defenders in Pistol Wing T

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Transform Your Offensive Strategy

  • Comprehensive RRO System: Learn to utilize Jet Motion to read unblocked defenders effectively, enhancing your Run Run Options (RRO) from the Pistol Formation.
  • Versatile Plays: Master the art of running Iso, C-gap, and veer plays by understanding ONE blocking assignment for three powerful plays: MIDLINE, INSIDE VEER, and OUTSIDE VEER.
  • Dynamic Blocking Schemes: Leverage the fullback and backside pulling guard as lead blockers, streamlining your offensive line's effectiveness and adaptability.
  • Educational Content: Dive into a series of instructional videos covering everything from formation basics to advanced post-snap reads and perimeter blocking.
  • Experienced Coaching Perspective: Benefit from Coach Stewart’s 27 years of football coaching experience, including transforming four losing programs into playoff contenders.

Why Choose Coach Stewart's System?

  • Proven Success: Coach Stewart’s strategies have revitalized multiple football programs, taking teams to playoffs and section finals against superior talent.
  • Accessible Learning: Gain insights from free video content, making complex football strategies understandable for coaches and players alike.
  • Diverse Tactics: The course offers a dual-threat offense approach, emphasizing flexibility and unpredictability in play-calling.
  • Real-World Applications: Stewart’s system is battle-tested, with demonstrable success in turning around struggling teams by focusing on efficient, effective offensive schemes.

Transform Your Team Today

Whether you're aiming to overhaul your offensive playbook or refine your team's execution of the Pistol Wing T Formation, Coach Stewart’s comprehensive guide, "Reading Unblocked Defenders in Pistol Wing T," provides the strategies, insights, and real-world examples you need to elevate your game and lead your team to victory.


  • Is this system suitable for teams at all levels?
    Yes, Coach Stewart's strategies are designed for adaptability, making them effective for teams from high school to college levels.
  • How accessible are the instructional videos?
    All videos are available online, offering easy access to coaches and players looking to improve their understanding of the Pistol Wing T Formation.
  • Can I implement these strategies with a team that has no scholarship players?
    Absolutely. Coach Stewart's system is specially designed to level the playing field, giving teams without superior talent a competitive edge.