Quick Passing Game out of Gun Rocket System


Quick Passing Game out of Gun Rocket System

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Master the art of quick passing to elevate your team's offensive game. Discover how the Gun Rocket System can turn simple plays into strategic advantages on the field.

Key Features of the Quick Passing Game out of Gun Rocket System

  • Innovative Use of Rocket Sweep Motion: Leverage the rocket sweep to misposition defenders and open up passing lanes.
  • Comprehensive Playbook: Dive into detailed slant, hitch, speed out, and fade schemes designed for big plays.
  • Quarterback Protection Strategies: Every pass scheme comes with expert advice on safeguarding your quarterback.
  • Expert Guidance: Learn from Blair Hubbard, a 3x State Champion and Hall of Fame coach with over 20 years of experience.

Benefits of Implementing This System

  • Strategic Advantage: Move defenders out of position to create more opportunities for successful passes.
  • Enhanced Offensive Play: Utilize motion and play calling to break down defensive strategies effectively.
  • Winning Pedigree: Adopt strategies developed by one of the most successful coaches in Colorado's history.
  • Adaptable System: Suitable for high school and collegiate teams, with tailored install advice available.

About Blair Hubbard

Blair Hubbard's distinguished coaching career spans over two decades, during which he has achieved significant success. With 214 wins and multiple state championships, Hubbard's innovative offensive system and leadership have been recognized at both state and national levels.


  • Who can benefit from this system? High school and collegiate football teams looking to enhance their offensive strategies.
  • How does the rocket sweep motion benefit my team? It shifts defenders, creating openings for passes by slightly mispositioning safeties and linebackers.
  • Is this system suitable for new coaches? Absolutely. The system provides comprehensive guidance suitable for both seasoned and new coaches.
  • Can I get direct assistance with the install? Yes, Blair Hubbard is available to travel and assist teams with the installation of his offensive system.