Quick Game with Boot Action Compliment


Quick Game with Boot Action Compliment

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Why Choose the Triple Gun Quick?

  • Flexibility: Integrates seamlessly into any offensive strategy, providing a dynamic change to traditional plays.
  • Built-In Boot Option: Unique boot action allows the quarterback to adapt on the fly, offering an alternative if the initial pass is covered.
  • Route Conversion: All routes can be converted once the quarterback boots, transitioning the Quick Pass into a Sprint Out perimeter pass.
  • Comprehensive Training: Includes detailed breakdowns of protection, routes, conversions, and quarterback reads.

Key Components and Benefits

  • Strategic Flexibility: Enhance your offensive playbook with strategies that adapt to any defense.
  • QB Decision Making: Empower your quarterback with clear, quick reads and decision-making tools for increased efficiency.
  • Diverse Play Options: Access a versatile set of plays designed to keep the defense guessing and create scoring opportunities.
  • Expert Coaching Insights: Learn from Tony DeMeo's extensive experience and success in transforming college football programs with innovative offenses.

Meet Your Coach: Tony DeMeo

With over 25 years of head coaching experience and a legacy of turning around football programs, Tony DeMeo brings his wealth of knowledge and innovative offensive strategies to this course. His accolades include multiple Coach of the Year awards and Hall of Fame inductions, underlining his expertise in offensive playmaking and coaching success.


  • Is this concept suitable for all levels of play? Yes, the Triple Gun Quick can be adapted for use at various levels, from high school to college.
  • Can this concept be integrated into an existing offense? Absolutely, the Triple Gun Quick is designed to complement your existing offense, adding a layer of unpredictability and versatility.
  • How does the Triple Gun Quick improve quarterback play? By providing clear options and teaching quick decision-making, it enhances quarterback efficiency and adaptability under pressure.
  • What if I have no experience with the Triple Gun Offense? The course is structured to guide coaches at all levels of familiarity with the Triple Gun Offense, from beginners to advanced practitioners.