Putting Defenders in Conflict


Putting Defenders in Conflict

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Unlock the Power of the Pistol Formation

  • Immediate Decision Making: Empowers your quarterback to make real-time decisions, forcing defenders to commit and exploiting their choices instantly.
  • Diverse Playbook: Includes detailed breakdowns of plays like Belly vs Even, Power, and Jet vs 34 Defense, offering a vast array of strategies.
  • Proven Success: Crafted by a 10-year head coach and Ohio Coach of the Year who transformed a losing team into playoff contenders.
  • Comprehensive Video Content: Over 3 hours of free and premium content, ranging from the basics of transitioning to Pistol Wing-T to advanced game film analysis.
  • Dynamic Offensive Strategy: Focuses on post-snap reads and conflict plays, ensuring your offense stays one step ahead.

Benefits of "Putting Defenders in Conflict"

  • Maximized Quarterback Efficiency: Enables your QB to exploit defensive weaknesses on the fly, enhancing your team's scoring opportunities.
  • Adaptable Offensive Tactics: With in-depth play analysis, adapt your game plan to any defensive setup you face.
  • Fast-Paced Learning: Quick video segments allow for easy implementation of strategies into practice sessions.
  • Immediate Impact: See tangible results in your team's performance from the first game, turning potential into victories.
  • Legacy Building: Follow in the footsteps of a coach who has already achieved tremendous success, laying the foundation for your own legacy.


Is this suitable for teams at any level?

Yes, "Putting Defenders in Conflict" is designed to benefit teams at any level, from high school to college, by instilling a dynamic offensive scheme.

How quickly can we see results from implementing these strategies?

Teams can begin to see results immediately as the offensive strategies are designed for quick integration and execution.

Do we need any special players to run these plays effectively?

No, the beauty of this system is its adaptability to your team's existing roster, maximizing the talents of your current players.