Purdue Boilermakers Offensive Playbook


Purdue Boilermakers Offensive Playbook

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Discover the Winning Strategies of Purdue Boilermakers

As the landscape of college basketball continues to evolve, the Purdue Boilermakers have emerged as a formidable force under Coach Matt Painter's leadership. With John Beilein's departure shaking up the coaching scene, the spotlight is on Purdue and its strategic prowess on the basketball court. The Purdue Boilermakers Offensive Playbook is your exclusive access to the strategies that have propelled Purdue to the top of college basketball's elite.

Why Purdue's Playbook Stands Out

  • Comprehensive Breakdown: Over 92 pages of in-depth analysis and strategic insights.
  • Expertly Crafted Plays: Discover the Swivel, Horns, Weave, Special, Baseline OB, and Sideline series.
  • Proven Success: Learn from a playbook that has led to 3 Big Ten titles and 5 Sweet 16 appearances.
  • Three-Point Precision: Unravel the secrets behind Purdue's unrivaled ability to secure open three-point shots.
  • Instant Access: No waiting required. Get your digital copy today and start transforming your team's offense.

Who Needs This Playbook?

Whether you're a seasoned coach looking to refine your game plan or a new coach eager to make your mark, the Purdue Boilermakers Offensive Playbook is an invaluable resource. Crafted by Men's Basketball Coach Scott Peterman, with experience spanning NCAA Division 2, NAIA, JUCO, and high school levels, this playbook is designed to elevate your coaching skills and your team's performance.

Take Your Team to the Next Level

Don't miss this chance to gain insights from one of college basketball's top offenses. Whether it's for breaking down defenses, enhancing your three-point game, or simply gaining a strategic edge, the Purdue Boilermakers Offensive Playbook is your ticket to a more dynamic, effective offense. Click below to secure your copy and see your team's offensive play soar to new heights.



  • How do I access the playbook after purchase?
    Upon purchase, you'll receive an instant download link to access your digital copy of the Purdue Boilermakers Offensive Playbook.
  • Is this playbook suitable for teams at any level?
    Yes, the strategies and plays detailed in the playbook are adaptable and can benefit teams at high school, college, and beyond.
  • Can this playbook help improve my team's three-point shooting?
    Absolutely. One of the playbook's strengths is its detailed approach to creating open three-point shot opportunities through meticulously designed plays.
  • Who created this playbook?
    The playbook was compiled by Scott Peterman, a coach with extensive experience across different levels of basketball, including NCAA Division 2, NAIA, JUCO, and high school.