Pui Lok Choi - Designing a Strength Program for a Football Program


Pui Lok Choi - Designing a Strength Program for a Football Program

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Unlock the Potential of Your Athletes

  • Comprehensive Training: Includes 4 lift schedules to cater to different strength and conditioning needs.
  • Movement-Based Approach: Focus on enhancing athlete movement rather than isolated muscle groups for overall performance.
  • Inclusive of All Athletes: Suitable for players in any position, enhancing their strength and adaptability on the field.

Elevate Performance on the Field

  • Explosive Edge: Designed to give your team an explosive advantage during crucial game moments.
  • Endurance: Conditioning for pushing through the demanding fourth quarter, ensuring your team maintains peak performance.
  • Core Strength and Balance: Emphasis on core and balance exercises to support agility and stability.

Engaging and Practical Training Methods

  • Video Demonstrations: Access to video guides for executing exercises perfectly, ensuring safety and effectiveness.
  • Team Building Activities: Incorporates partner exercises and team-building workouts to foster team spirit and cooperation.
  • Customizable Schedules: Offers 4 different lifting schedules for hypertrophy and strength, adaptable to your team’s needs.

Why Choose Pui Lok Choi's Strength Program?

  • Proven Success: The Beaumont High School Football team has already experienced a significant enhancement in their performance.
  • Expert Guidance: Pui Lok Choi brings years of experience and success in strength and conditioning coaching to your team.
  • Immediate Implementation: With detailed schedules and exercises, you can start transforming your team’s strength training today.


  • Is this program suitable for all ages and skill levels?
    Yes, the program is designed to be adaptable for athletes of various ages and skill levels, focusing on movement and fundamental strength.
  • Can the program be adapted for small teams?
    Yes, the lift schedules and exercises can be scaled down or up depending on the size of your team and available equipment.
  • How quickly can we see results from the program?
    While results can vary, teams often begin to see improvements in strength, endurance, and on-field performance within a few weeks of consistent training.