Principles of Run Game Defense


Principles of Run Game Defense

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Why "Principles of Run Game Defense" is a Must-Have

  • Expert Insights: Learn from a seasoned coach with a 58:21-42 record, including 15 shutouts and 2 conference championships in 5 years as Defensive Coordinator (DC) at Lexington High School.
  • Comprehensive Strategy: Master the art of defending the run game by understanding Odd/Even Space and 7/8/9 Man Fit Progression.
  • Adaptable Techniques: Discover various options for defending the run from each principle, tailored to your team's needs.
  • Proven Success: Benefit from strategies that contributed to a 14-7 record over 2 years as Head Coach (HC) at Lexington High School.
  • Extensive Knowledge: Dive into a 58 minute and 21-second comprehensive guide, enriched with the tactics that led to significant defensive successes.

Benefits of "Principles of Run Game Defense"

  • Enhanced Defensive Skills: Equip your team with the knowledge to effectively counter run game strategies.
  • Strategic Advantage: Gain insights into advanced defensive strategies that can set your team apart from the competition.
  • Improved Team Performance: Implementing these principles can lead to more wins, shutouts, and potentially, championships.
  • Professional Development: As a coach, enhance your playbook and defensive acumen, setting a foundation for future success.


  • Who is this product for? Coaches at any level looking to improve their defensive strategy against the run game.
  • What will I learn? You will learn odd/even space management, 7/8/9 man fit progression, and various defensive options against the run game.
  • Is this suitable for new coaches? Absolutely, the principles covered provide a solid foundation for new coaches while offering advanced tactics for experienced coaches.
  • How can I apply these strategies? The principles are designed to be adaptable to any team's current playbook and can be integrated with your existing defensive strategies.