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Elevate Your Field with Premium Soccer Corner Flags

Take your soccer games or practices to the next level with a set of premium corner flags. These high-quality flags boast a professional look and superior durability, ensuring a great experience for players and referees alike.

Built to Last on Any Field

Whether you're setting up drills on indoor turf or hosting competitive matches outdoors, these corner flags can handle it all. The heavy-duty design features:

  • Sturdy Bases: Made from high-density UV-resistant rubber, the 9-inch diameter bases provide exceptional stability on any surface, preventing them from tipping over during collisions or windy conditions.
  • Weatherproof Construction: The 60-inch tall poles are crafted from strong plastic that can withstand the elements, ensuring long-lasting use season after season.
  • High Visibility Flags: The bright red flags offer optimal visibility for players and referees, allowing for clear identification of corner kicks and out-of-bounds play.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • UV-resistant rubber bases for superior stability
  • Strong plastic poles for weatherproof durability
  • High-visibility red flags for clear identification
  • Set of 4 flags for a complete playing field setup

Invest in Quality for Years of Use

These premium corner flags are more than just field markers – they're an investment in the quality of your games. With their robust build and high visibility, they'll provide a professional touch for years to come.

Ready to elevate your soccer field? Add a set of premium corner flags to your cart today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What size are the corner flags?

A: The flags measure 60 inches tall and 1 inch in diameter.

Q: Are the flags weighted?

A: No, the weight comes from the heavy-duty rubber bases (9 inches in diameter) that ensure stability on any surface.

Q: What color are the flags?

A: This set comes in red, but other colors might be available from the retailer.

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