Pre & Post Snap Reads for Wide Receivers


Pre & Post Snap Reads for Wide Receivers

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Why This Course is a Game-Changer

  • Expert Instruction: Taught by Coach Dodge, leveraging his extensive experience coaching top-tier talent at the collegiate level.
  • Comprehensive Coverage Analysis: Dive deep into reading defenses with over 10 detailed game film studies on pre and post snap scenarios.
  • Exclusive Insights: Learn the philosophies behind Cover 2, Cover 3, Quarters Coverages, and more, directly from a coach’s perspective.
  • Real Game Situations: Apply your knowledge through extensive game film analysis, covering various coverage and leverage strategies.
  • Instant Application: Features downloadable PowerPoint resources for easy reference and continued learning.

Benefits That Set You Apart

  • Enhanced Field Vision: Develop the ability to read defenses like an open book, both before and after the snap.
  • Strategic Adaptability: Learn to adjust your strategies in real-time, enhancing your gameplay and making you unpredictable to defenders.
  • Performance Excellence: Follow in the footsteps of NCAA II First Team All-American wide receivers and special teams legends.
  • Professional Growth: Elevate your understanding and execution of wide receiver roles, setting a new standard for success.
  • Personalized Learning Experience: Benefit from Coach Dodge's firsthand experiences and insights, uniquely tailored to wide receivers’ success.

About Coach Dodge

With a distinguished coaching background at Ottawa University and Colorado Mesa University, Coach Dodge brings firsthand insights from coaching NCAA II First Team All-American wide receiver Peter Anderson, and RMCA Special Teams Player of the Year, Justin White. His unique perspective on special teams and wide receiver coaching is now available to you in this comprehensive course.


  • Who is this course for? Wide receivers at any level looking to improve their game understanding, coaches seeking to enhance their teaching arsenal, and football enthusiasts eager to learn more about the strategic aspects of the game.
  • How do I access the course materials? Upon purchase, you’ll receive instant access to all course videos, game film analyses, and downloadable resources for your personal study.
  • Is prior knowledge required? While a basic understanding of football is helpful, Coach Dodge’s comprehensive teaching approach makes this course accessible to learners at all levels.
  • Can I apply these strategies at any level of play? Absolutely! The techniques and insights provided in this course are designed to be adaptable across all levels of football, from high school to professional play.