Practice Planning: How To Practice With Goals In Mind


Practice Planning: How To Practice With Goals In Mind

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Transform Your Coaching Strategy

Discover the game-changing insights of Anthony, a seasoned D2 Baseball coach, who has led his team to success by mastering the art of practice planning. Learn from his comprehensive presentation at the 2020 Virtual Baseball Coaches Summit, where he divulges his approach to strategic practice plans, setting clear goals and objectives, and effective problem-solving.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Strategic Practice Plans: Tailor your training sessions to maximize efficiency and impact, ensuring every minute counts.
  • Defining Goals & Objectives: Set clear, actionable targets to guide your team's development and measure progress accurately.
  • Problem Solving & Troubleshooting: Learn to anticipate and address challenges before they disrupt your team's growth.
  • Year-Round Planning: Keep your team engaged and improving with strategies that cover the entire calendar year.
  • Exclusive Q/A Content: Benefit from an open Q/A session that addresses common questions with practical, insightful answers.

Why Choose This Product?

With "Practice Planning: How to Practice with Goals in Mind," you're not just learning about practice scheduling; you're gaining a mentor who has walked the path, faced the challenges, and achieved success. Anthony's firsthand experience running a competitive D2 Baseball program single-handedly provides unparalleled insights into making the most of limited resources, fostering a winning culture, and developing athletes to their full potential.

Who Is This For?

This product is ideal for coaches at all levels who are committed to excellence. Whether you're leading a youth team or managing a collegiate program, the strategies and wisdom shared will elevate your coaching game, ensuring your practices are as productive and goal-oriented as possible.


  • Is this product suitable for coaches outside baseball?
    Yes, while focused on baseball, the principles of effective practice planning and goal setting are applicable across all sports.
  • Can I apply these strategies to individual athlete training?
    Absolutely. The core concepts of setting objectives, planning, and problem-solving are just as effective for individual athletes as they are for teams.
  • How can I access the Q/A content?
    The open Q/A content is included in the product, offering insights into real-world coaching dilemmas and their solutions.