Practice Design With a Dodger


Practice Design With a Dodger

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Why This Course Is A Game Changer

Unlock the secrets to crafting championship-level practices with insights from Shaun's extensive experience with the Dodgers and beyond. This course isn't just about practice; it's about revolutionizing how you prepare your team for victory, making every moment and every drill count towards building a winning mentality and skillset.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Comprehensive Learning Modules: From the basics of player development to advanced practice design, navigate through various stages with easy-to-follow videos including 'Stages of Learning', 'Overcoming Obstacles', and 'Quality Practice Design'.
  • Expert Insights: Benefit from Shaun Larkin's years of experience and success in Major League environments, translating high-level concepts into actionable strategies for teams at any level.
  • Applied Psychology: With a MA in Performance Psychology, Shaun integrates cutting-edge mental skills training into practice design, offering a holistic approach to athlete development.
  • Real-World Applications: Learn how to maximize resources, time, and talent effectively, overcoming common coaching challenges to foster an environment of growth and excellence.
  • Interactive Q/A Sessions: Engage with the content through Q/A segments that clarify doubts and provide deeper understanding of complex topics like 'Blocked v Random Practice'.

Who Should Enroll?

Whether you're a rookie coach or a seasoned veteran, "Practice Design With a Dodger" offers invaluable insights for anyone looking to elevate their coaching game, enhance player development, and lead their team to success.

Why Wait? Start Now!

Don't let another practice go by without leveraging the full potential of your team. Enroll in "Practice Design With a Dodger" today and begin your journey towards championship-level coaching!


  • Is this course suitable for coaches at all levels?
    Yes, regardless of the level you're coaching at, the principles and strategies shared are designed to be adaptable and beneficial.
  • How long do I have access to the course materials?
    Enroll now, and enjoy lifetime access to course materials, including all future updates.
  • Can I apply these strategies to sports other than baseball?
    While the course is designed from a baseball perspective, the underlying principles of practice design and player development are applicable across various sports.