Power I Offense for Youth Football


Power I Offense for Youth Football

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Transform Your Team's Performance

Introducing the Brooklyn Power I Offense, a comprehensive strategy that has been refined over years of practical experience and success. Drawing inspiration from the Full House T and Basic I offense, this approach has been meticulously adapted to suit youth football, making it a powerful tool for coaches aiming to elevate their team's game.

  • Plug and Play Simplicity: Designed with ease of integration in mind, the Power I Offense fits any age group without the need for adjustments, making it a versatile choice for teams of varying ages and sizes.
  • Unique Blocking Schemes: Each play within the system comes with its own blocking strategy, focusing on down blocking at the point of attack and effective use of the Fullback to clear paths.
  • Streamlined for Execution: The core philosophy emphasizes simplicity and superior execution, allowing teams to outperform opponents through precise play rather than complexity.
  • Expert Guidance Included: Benefit from the wisdom of Coach Cianflone, whose extensive coaching experience spans 40 seasons and includes numerous state and national titles. His Brooklyn Power I Playbook is part of the package.
  • Proven Success: Coach Cianflone's remarkable track record with youth and semi-pro teams, including an impressive 55–1 streak in Charlotte, showcases the effectiveness of the Power I Offense in competitive football.

What's Included in the Course

This comprehensive course not only teaches the fundamentals and advanced strategies of the Power I Offense but also includes Coach Cianflone's invaluable playbook. From the basics to goal-line plays, equip your team with the knowledge and techniques that have led to countless victories on the field.

Why Choose Power I Offense for Youth Football?

Opting for the Power I Offense for your youth football team means choosing a path of proven success. The blend of simplicity for easy adoption, coupled with the depth of strategic content, offers a unique advantage. Empower your team with a winning strategy that has been battle-tested at various levels of football, from youth leagues to semi-professional arenas.


Is this offense suitable for all youth teams?
Absolutely! The Power I Offense is designed to adapt to any age group, making it perfect for teams at all youth levels.

How difficult is it to implement this offense?
This system values simplicity and ease of teaching, allowing coaches to implement it with minimal difficulty.

Can this offense adapt to different team sizes and skills levels?
Yes, due to its versatile and adaptable nature, the Power I Offense can be effectively utilized by teams of varying sizes and skill levels.