Position Pressure | Teaching aggressive individual defence.


Position Pressure | Teaching aggressive individual defence.

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Discover the Art of Individual Defense

Defense wins championships, and at the heart of a relentless defense is the art of individual pressure. "Position Pressure" is not just a training video; it's a revolutionary approach to teaching aggressive individual defense in basketball. Crafted by a seasoned coach with a rich background in both international leagues and elite junior coaching, this program is designed to transform your defensive game.

Why Choose "Position Pressure"?

  • Expertise: Guidance from a coach with NBA consulting experience and a wealth of international coaching credentials.
  • Comprehensive Content: Features breakdown drills for every situation - from full court to perimeter defense.
  • Accessible Learning: Detailed explanations of personal defensive philosophy and key teaching points.
  • Instant Application: Drills and concepts that can be implemented in your game or coaching immediately.
  • Educational Excellence: Backed by a Masters in Sports Coaching and years of coach education experience.

What You Will Learn

  • Mastering the pulsing of your feet to maintain balance and readiness.
  • Effective gapping techniques to neutralize offensive threats.
  • Executing sideline to sideline drills to enhance mobility and pressure.
  • Applying hand pressure to create discomfort for the ball handler.
  • The strategic placement of feet and the use of mini sprints for optimal defense.
  • Advanced closeout techniques used at the professional level.


Who is this video for?

Coaches and players at all levels who wish to elevate their defensive capabilities and understanding of the game.

Do I need any prior knowledge or experience?

No, "Position Pressure" is designed to benefit beginners and seasoned players alike, with drills and concepts explained from the ground up.

How can I access the video?

Upon purchase, you will receive a link to stream the video, accessible from any device with internet connectivity.

Is there support for questions after purchase?

Yes, purchasing "Position Pressure" grants you access to an exclusive community forum where you can discuss concepts, ask questions, and share feedback.

Invest in Your Defensive Game Today

Transform your defensive approach, master the art of individual pressure, and start impacting the game in ways you never thought possible. With "Position Pressure," you're not just learning to play defense; you're learning to dominate. Order now and take the first step towards defensive excellence.