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Unlock the Secrets to Supreme Basketball Finishing Skills

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced player, the Point of Attack Finishing video is your key to mastering the art of finishing at the hoop with precision, power, and poise. Under the expert guidance of Coach Doug Novak, you'll discover the habits and footwork that make the difference between good and great players. Imagine outmaneuvering your opponents effortlessly, finding space where there seems to be none, and finishing under pressure as if it was second nature. With Point of Attack Finishing, this can become your reality.

Features and Benefits

  • Comprehensive Teaching Sequence - Learn through a detailed step-by-step process focusing on timing, rhythm, and balance.
  • 17 Unique Finishes - Master a diverse set of finishing moves using consistent footwork for versatility in your game.
  • Speed and Angles Execution - Develop the ability to execute finishes with choreographed speed from various floor positions.
  • Advantage/Decision Testing - Enhance your gameplay with drills designed to test your skills under different pressure scenarios.
  • Bonus Footage - Gain access to exclusive content including six shooting drills and three multi-purpose drills to round out your training.
  • Proven Success - Benefit from the strategies of Coach Doug Novak, with a stellar record at Bethel and extensive Division I coaching experience.


Who is this video for?

Point of Attack Finishing is designed for basketball players at all levels who want to improve their finishing skills and overall offensive game.

How will this video improve my game?

By focusing on the foundational elements of foot organization and space creation at the point of attack, you will learn to finish plays more effectively, even under pressure.

Can beginners benefit from this video?

Absolutely! The video is structured to help players at any stage of development build and refine their finishing skills.

Is there support material included?

Yes, the video comes with bonus footage that includes drills and practices to help integrate what you learn into your game.

How can I access the video?

Visit coachdougnovak.com to purchase and immediately begin transforming your game with Point of Attack Finishing.