Player Development Philosophy


Player Development Philosophy

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Attention Coaches and Player Development Professionals

Are you looking to elevate your approach to player development? Coach Dave Severns, renowned Los Angeles Clippers Pro Personnel Scout and Player Development Coach, has distilled years of professional experience into an insightful guide that is a must-have for anyone serious about nurturing talent. Understand the complexities and uncover the most efficient pathways to ensure your players reach their full potential.

Why This Philosophy Stands Out

With the myriad of opinions and methodologies in player development, Coach Severns' philosophy offers a clear, focused, and effective approach. It's not just about drills and skills; it's about understanding the big picture and cultivating the mental, physical, and emotional growth of your players. This comprehensive guide is your playbook for success.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Comprehensive Coverage: From the big picture of player development to the details of execution.
  • Insider Insights: Learn from the experiences of a seasoned NBA Pro Personnel Scout and Player Development Coach.
  • Practical Tips: Actionable advice on identifying and nurturing the skills that get players on the court.
  • Mental Strength: Strategies to foster a winning mental approach among your players.
  • Results-Oriented: Focus on what delivers real results on and off the court, cutting through the hype.
  • Collaboration is Key: Understand the importance of staff working together towards a common goal.
  • Accountability: Techniques to make players accountable and maximize their strengths.
  • Customizable Approach: Adapt the philosophy to fit your team's unique needs and goals.


Is this philosophy suitable for all levels of play?

Yes, Coach Severns’ approach is adaptable and can be applied at all levels, from amateur to professional.

How can I integrate this philosophy with my current coaching style?

The guidelines and insights provided allow for flexibility, making it easy to blend with your existing strategies.

Are there practical examples included?

Absolutely. The guide is not only rich in theory but also includes practical, real-world examples to illustrate key points.

Can this guide help with team dynamics and individual player development?

Definitely. It addresses both individual player growth and team cohesion, ensuring a holistic development strategy.

Take Your Player Development to the Next Level

Don’t miss this opportunity to revolutionize your approach to player development. With Coach Severns’ philosophy, you are not just coaching; you are empowering your players to reach heights they and you didn’t think were possible. Unlock the full potential of your team by embracing these proven strategies. Make the wise choice today for a brighter, winning tomorrow.