Pistol Wing-T Counter Game


Pistol Wing-T Counter Game

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Discover the Winning Edge

Step into the shoes of Head Coach Marce Porcello, Ohio Coach of the Year, as he unveils the secrets behind the Wing-T system. This comprehensive guide is your key to mastering sound blocking schemes, effective defense strategies, and a seamless transition to the Pistol formation to revitalize your passing game and enhance vertical threats. Here's why the Pistol Wing-T Counter Game is a game-changer:

  • Expert Guidance: Learn directly from Marce Porcello, a seasoned coach with proven success in the Wing-T system.
  • Effective Transition Strategies: Seamlessly move from traditional Wing-T to Pistol Wing-T, expanding your team's offensive capabilities.
  • Enhanced Passing Game: Introduce vertical threats and refined reads to your playbook, making your offense more dynamic.
  • Sound Blocking Schemes: Adopt Marce Porcello's blocking strategies to protect your quarterback and create effective running paths.
  • Detailed Video Analysis: Benefit from game film breakdowns, including counter plays to the left and right, and insights into specific plays like the Bubble Screen and Counter GT.
  • Interactive Learning: Engage with content through whiteboard sessions, post-snap reads, and specific play rules to fully grasp the Wing-T principles.

Why Choose the Pistol Wing-T Counter Game?

Whether you're looking to refine your team's offensive strategy or deepen your understanding of the Wing-T system, the Pistol Wing-T Counter Game offers a comprehensive toolkit for success. From detailed play analysis to expert coaching insights, transform your football strategy and become a more versatile, formidable team.


  • Who is Marce Porcello?
    Marce Porcello is the Head Coach from Wickliffe, Ohio, recognized as Ohio Coach of the Year for his expertise and success in the Wing-T system.
  • Why is the transition to Pistol Wing-T beneficial?
    The transition allows teams to maintain the strengths of the Wing-T while enhancing passing capabilities and creating a more dynamic offense.
  • Can this guide help beginner coaches?
    Absolutely. It's designed to provide value to coaches at all levels, offering both foundational knowledge and advanced strategies.