Pinkman Academy's Path to Success


Pinkman Academy's Path to Success

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Transform Your Game with Proven Techniques

Develop your baseball skills with the Pinkman Academy's Path to Success, a comprehensive program combining 20 years of expertise in medicine, science, and a passion for baseball. Elevate your game with our unique approach to hitting and pitching, designed to keep you playing longer and loving the game more.

Why Pinkman Academy's Path to Success?

  • Hitting Drills: Utilize your body more than your hands to increase swing speed, hit the ball harder, and achieve better swing control.
  • Throwing Drills: Learn the correct form and posture to minimize body wear and tear, ensuring a longer playing career.
  • Specialized Series for Left-Handed Pitchers: Master the art of getting the runner out at first with tailored guidance.
  • Science and Medicine Backed: Developed with insights from leading sports medicine experts, ensuring safe and effective training methods.
  • Experience-Driven: Benefit from the Pinkman family's decades of experience in coaching and playing, bringing you unparalleled expertise.
  • 4 Way Video Analysis System: Unique video system that captures your throw from four angles simultaneously for detailed analysis.

Benefits of Joining Pinkman Academy

  • Improve your hitting and pitching with drills designed for tangible results.
  • Reduce the risk of injury with techniques grounded in sports science.
  • Gain a competitive edge with personalized feedback from multi-angle video analysis.
  • Learn from a reputable academy with a legacy of success in developing top-tier talent.
  • Access to a community of passionate coaches and players dedicated to your growth.


Q: Is Pinkman Academy suitable for beginners?
A: Absolutely! Our program is designed to cater to players at all levels, from beginners to advanced athletes looking to refine their skills.

Q: Can I see improvements in my game with Pinkman Academy?
A: Yes, with our science-backed, experience-driven approach, players see significant improvements in their performance and understanding of the game.

Q: How are the programs delivered?
A: Our programs include in-person coaching at our facility in Virginia, complemented by online resources for those who cannot attend in person.

Q: Are the instructors experienced?
A: Our instructors are not only experienced but also have a profound love for the game, with professional and academic backgrounds in sports science and coaching.