Pickleball Tube


Pickleball Tube

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Stop Wasting Time Chasing Pickleballs - Get the Pickleball Tube!

Have you ever spent more time chasing pickleballs than playing the game itself? We've all been there. But those days are over with the Pickleball Tube! This innovative ball picker-upper is designed to save you time and effort, so you can focus on what matters most - enjoying the game!

Effortless Ball Collection

  • One-directional teeth: Effortlessly guide pickleballs into the tube with the unique one-directional teeth design. No more bending over or scrambling after loose balls!
  • Holds 12 pickleballs: Collect a dozen pickleballs at once, minimizing the need to constantly empty the tube.
  • No-spill design: The secure rubber fastener ensures your collected pickleballs stay put, even when the tube is jostled or tipped over.

Convenience on and off the Court

  • Lightweight and durable: Made from all-weather, translucent PVC, the Pickleball Tube is built to last and easy to carry.
  • Comfortable shoulder strap: Easily transport your collected pickleballs to and from the court with the comfortable shoulder strap.
  • Built-in fence hook: Hang the Pickleball Tube from any fence post to keep it out of the way when not in use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many pickleballs does the Pickleball Tube hold?

A: The Pickleball Tube can hold up to 12 pickleballs (sold separately).

Q: Will the Pickleball Tube work with all pickleballs?

A: Yes, the Pickleball Tube is designed to work with all standard-sized pickleballs.

Q: Is the Pickleball Tube easy to empty?

A: Absolutely! Simply turn the tube upside down and the pickleballs will easily empty out.

Don't waste another minute chasing pickleballs. Get the Pickleball Tube and spend more time enjoying the game!