Pick & Roll Defence - How to teach `Cancelling` PNRs.


Pick & Roll Defence - How to teach `Cancelling` PNRs.

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Grab the Attention of Coaches Everywhere

Are you looking to elevate your team's defensive game and nullify the Pick And Roll (PNR) strategies of your opponents? "Pick And Roll Defence - How to teach 'Cancelling' PNRs" is the comprehensive video guide you need. With decades of coaching experience, including at the professional level, this series is designed to teach you and your players how to anticipate and neutralize PNRs effectively.

Ignite the Interest with Unmatched Expertise

This exclusive video series is brought to you by a seasoned coach with twenty-nine years of experience across various countries and levels of play, including direct consultancy roles for NBA teams and players. The techniques and strategies shared in this series are not just theories but tested and proven methods.

Desire: Key Features and Benefits

  • Comprehensive Video Guide: A progression through essential defensive concepts to cancel PNRs effectively.
  • Expert Coaching: Learn from a coach with extensive experience in professional leagues and a Masters in Sports Coaching.
  • Practical Training Environment: Utilizes a collection of small-sided games and drills for skill refinement and decision-making improvement.
  • Simple and Clear Teaching Points: Designed for teams of all ages and skill levels, making implementation seamless.
  • Free Bonus Content: Includes free access to selected insightful videos for an enhanced learning experience.

Action: Don't Miss Out on Elevating Your Team's Performance

This is your opportunity to transform your team's defensive strategy and outmaneuver the competition. With "Pick & Roll Defence - How to teach 'Cancelling' PNRs," you will empower your players to anticipate and neutralize one of basketball's most common offensive tactics effectively. Get access to this invaluable resource now and start building a defense that dominates.


Who is this video series for?
Coaches of basketball teams at any level looking to improve their team’s defensive capabilities against PNRs.

What will I learn from this series?
You will learn defensive strategies to cancel PNRs, including player positioning, stunting, backside rotations, and aggressive switching, among others.

Is this suitable for youth teams?
Yes, the teaching points are clear, straightforward, and can be applied to teams of all ages and skill levels.

How can I access the videos?
Upon purchase, you will receive an exclusive link to access all the videos in the series.