Packaging Belly and Toss


Packaging Belly and Toss

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Discover the revolutionary offensive strategy that has dominated the NCAA D-2 rushing categories for years. The Packaging Belly and Toss system, a cornerstone of the ground strike philosophy, is designed to enhance your team's rushing capabilities without complicating your existing blocking schemes. Ideal for a variety of formations, this strategy is a game-changer for teams looking to dominate on the ground.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Unified Blocking Scheme: Implement both Belly and Rocket Toss plays using the same blocking scheme, simplifying preparation and execution.
  • Versatile Formations: Compatible with Pistol I-Back, Gun, Wing T, and Double Wing formations, offering flexibility and adaptability against defensive setups.
  • Perimeter Ball Delivery: The Rocket Toss play swiftly moves the ball to the edge, utilizing unbalanced & quads formations to outnumber the defense.
  • Weakside Power Running: The Belly play focuses on weakside runs, leveraging your formation's strength for effective ground penetration.
  • Strategic Play Tags: Utilize different play tags to keep the defense guessing and ensure they are always on the back foot.
  • Proven Success: Developed by Coach Lee and his coaching staff, who have led NCAA D-2 in rushing multiple times, demonstrating the effectiveness of this offensive strategy.
  • High School to College Efficacy: This ground strike philosophy is not only effective at the collegiate level but has also proven to be transformative at the high school level, turning underperforming teams into formidable contenders.

Why Choose Packaging Belly and Toss?

With Coach Lee's extensive experience and success both as a player and coach, this offensive package is backed by years of on-field results and strategic development. From dominating time of possession to achieving staggering rushing yards, the Packaging Belly and Toss system is designed to give your team a competitive edge that is hard to counter.


  • Can this offensive system be adapted to any team?
    Yes, the Packaging Belly and Toss system is versatile enough to be adapted by any team, regardless of your current formation preference.
  • Is it suitable for high school football teams?
    Absolutely. Coach Lee has successfully implemented this system at the high school level, significantly improving team performance and scoring capabilities.
  • How does this system simplify offensive play?
    By using the same blocking scheme for both the Belly and Rocket Toss plays, it reduces the learning curve for players and maximizes practice efficiency.