Non-Stop Play: The Wide Receiver Way Drills


Non-Stop Play: The Wide Receiver Way Drills

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Why Choose This Course?

Developed by the renowned NFL coach Rance Olison, this instructional course is a treasure trove of drills designed specifically for wide receivers aiming to enhance their game. From fundamentals to advanced techniques, Coach Olison shares his wealth of knowledge and experience, ensuring you receive top-notch guidance. Here’s why this course stands out:

  • Comprehensive Coverage: With 20 distinct drills, this course covers every aspect of being a wide receiver, ensuring no stone is left unturned.
  • Expert Instruction: Learn from Rance Olison, whose illustrious career includes playing in every major football league and coaching roles with NFL teams.
  • Accessibility: Selected drills are available for free, allowing you to start your journey without initial investment.
  • Flexibility: Each drill is succinctly timed, making it easy to integrate into your busy schedule.
  • Proven Techniques: Benefit from drills that have been honed in professional settings, ensuring you're learning skills that work.

What Will You Gain?

By investing in this course, you're not just learning; you're setting yourself up for success on and off the field. Here’s how:

  • Enhanced Skills: Master the art of catching, route running, and maintaining focus under pressure.
  • Improved Physical Fitness: Drills designed to improve your speed, agility, and reaction times.
  • Strategic Insights: Gain valuable knowledge on strategies that will give you an edge over your opponents.
  • Confidence Boost: With improved skills and fitness, your confidence on the field will soar, making you a more effective player.
  • Legacy of Excellence: Follow in the footsteps of a coach who has achieved greatness on and off the field.


Who is this course for?
Wide receivers at any level who are looking to improve their game, from high school to professional athletes.

Do I need any special equipment?
No special equipment is required, just standard football training gear.

Can I access the course from anywhere?
Yes, the course is digital and can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection.

Is there a community or support network?
While the course itself is a standalone product, we encourage students to engage with each other and the coach through our online platforms.