No Huddle No Mercy Offense- Screen Run Option and Run Pass Options


No Huddle No Mercy Offense- Screen Run Option and Run Pass Options

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Key Features:

  • Record-Breaking Success: Utilized by coaches nationwide, achieving the Pennsylvania State scoring record and 2nd all-time nationally in points scored in 2014 with 958 points.
  • Comprehensive Strategy: Includes attaching screens and quicks to base run game concepts, exploiting defensive alignments, and maximizing field coverage.
  • Easy Implementation: Strategies and plays can be seamlessly integrated into any offensive system from youth level to professional teams.
  • Expert Guidance: Crafted under the direction of Coach Shawn Liotta, with 19 years of coaching experience and multiple championships.
  • Diverse Play Options: Features a variety of screen-run options and run-pass options, including the Inside Zone Bears Screen Run Option and Jet Sweep Lightning Run Pass Option.
  • Game Film Access: Offers real game film footage to illustrate the effectiveness of the offensive system in action.


  • Force Defensive Adjustments: By spreading the defense sideline to sideline, create more opportunities for your offense to exploit.
  • Increase Scoring Potential: With proven record-breaking scoring achievements, elevate your team’s scoring ability significantly.
  • Adaptable to Any Team: Regardless of the age or level of your players, this system can be adapted and implemented with great success.
  • Enhanced Offensive Strategies: Gain insights from a seasoned coach's expansive playbook to diversify and strengthen your offensive game plan.
  • Championship Pedigree: Leverage the knowledge and strategies of a coach who has led teams to 5 championships and numerous playoff appearances.


  • Can this system be adapted for youth football? Yes, the No Huddle No Mercy Offensive System can be easily implemented at any level, including youth football.
  • How does it improve my team's scoring potential? By forcing the defense to cover the entire field and creating mismatches, your team will have more opportunities to score.
  • Is prior experience with a no-huddle offense necessary? No, the system is designed to be easily integrated into any offensive strategy, regardless of prior experience.
  • What makes Coach Liotta's system unique? The system's proven success, ease of implementation, and adaptability across different levels of play make it uniquely effective.